• All informations inside this blog* are the outcome of our experience and not copying (i.e. a recipe is something chemical, quantities could be considered standard in this sense, hence equally reported in other web pages, books, etc). 
  • All information inside this blog are not certified, except by authors experience itself, hence; It cannot be considered scientifically validated (i.e. Kcals are counted based on food and beverage’s packaging information or web information; Food properties are reported based on folk knowledge, etc.). For this reason we are not intended to be the guidance for specific dietary regime, medical treatments, etc.
  • Allergenes presence is not evaluated on the basis of what indicated in food/bavarage packaging but only on primary ingredient.
  • All information inside this blog (such as i.e. product brand, music, quote, etc.) has not commercial or copying aims.
  • All information inside this blog is amateur and authors do not want to convince users to adopt particular restrictions, behaviour, etc. neither to offend users belief, etc.
  • We are all free to judge: between what fits or not with ourself, Hence, this blog is only to be considered as a storytelling of : writers expression and inspiration.
  • All the Translations in this Blog have been adapted to the original languages.

*Blog: considered as the current web page and all linked pages/social networks.


  • Quantities of ingredients in initial presentation could not correspond to served quantities in final presentation. 
  • Quantities are indicated as indicative proportions, anyway environmental conditions or ingredient quality could affect the results.
  • Kcal measurement ipothesis:
  • Kcal are counted on the basis of quantities declared at the beginning of the video
  • Kcal are not counted on the basis of single portion, neverthless we cook generally for max 2 persons.
  • Kcal do not include uncountable food (olive oil, salt&pepper, spices, herbs, etc.)  calories.
  • Kcal count could be affected by cooking mode.